To view your current day’s tasks, click on ‘Tasks’ at the bottom menu.

This displays the list of upcoming conversations you have scheduled for the day. Tasks are displayed in sub-menus as three tabs - 

  1. Upcoming - These tasks are the calls that are scheduled for the day.

  2. Recent - These tasks are the calls that you’ve already made in the last 24 hours.

  3. Completed - These tasks are the calls that connected since you used the app.

To navigate between them, just tap on the sub-menu names.

To make a call with any of the leads listed in the tasks list, just tap on the name. If there is more than one number saved for the lead, you will be asked to select the number to place the call.

Recent call options

The recent call screen shows you the disposition you performed for this call as shown below:

If you tap on any recent call you will get to see a popup with 2 options - 

  1. You can either place call to the same contact
  2. You can also choose to perform disposition of the call including CRM dispose as discussed in Call Dispose article.