Note - This is a feature available to our advanced users who have purchased the Salesken Real-Time Cueing Module.

The Salesken Dialer is not just an ordinary dialer that is used to place calls. It assists you during your sales conversation by providing you with real-time cues. This assistance, or live coaching, is provided to you in the window next to the dial pad called the ‘Help Zone’.

As soon as your conversation starts, our system actively listens in and sends you cues. The cues are suggestions, tips, and instructions to help you navigate your sales conversations towards success. The real-time cues are provided in both a reactive and proactive manner depending on the context. The real-time cues are available within the Help Zone. See an example below -

In this example, the cues ask you to begin the conversation with some small talk - possibly about the weather. Once you have confirmed that the lead is a student or a working professional, the cues are altered accordingly to suggest the possible route of approaching the sale.

The colored lining on the left side of each cue indicates the type of suggestion it is. It can be one of five types - 

1. Generic - These cues are usually generic parts of the conversation like the greeting, small talk, and the goodbye. 

2. Emotion - These are cues that show up to help you respond to a conversation when the lead expresses discernable emotions such as anger, frustration, or excitement.

3. FAQs and Playbook - These are cues that are directly picked from the playbook created by your manager.

4. Historic - These cues are usually picked from other successful conversations that took the same route as the current conversation. It usually presents you with the best rebuttal from past conversations or best questions to your customer for lead qualification etc. This is an advanced feature.

Once you’ve successfully completed a conversation, the dialer enables you to mark the call disposition.

At any point in time, if you have trouble with the Dialer, you can use the ‘Help’ button at the bottom right corner of the main screen.