The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to your account. On this page, you see today’s scheduled tasks/activities and track your tasks as the day progresses.

1 → Today’s activity

This card shows you the list of activities for the day. As your day progresses and you complete the scheduled tasks, the ‘Completed’ number increases while the ‘Incomplete’ decreases. The card lists the tasks that you’ve just completed. Clicking on each task gives you more detailed information and allows you to listen to the recording.

2 → Pending tasks

Each pending task is displayed as individual cards next to today’s activities. To scroll through them, click on the arrows at the top right corner.

3 → Call

At any point in time, click on the ‘CALL’ button to open up the dialer. This can be used to call any lead/customer.

4 → Add lead

Clicking on the ‘ADD LEAD’ button allows you to quickly add a lead to your system.

Just fill in the pertinent details and click on the ‘SUBMIT' button. A lead is added to the system, details of whom you can see in the ‘Leads’ screens.

5 → Call to complete pending tasks

Clicking on the ‘CALL NOW’ button in each pending task card opens up the dialer with the contact number already filled in. All you have to do is place the call and speak to the lead/customer in order to complete the task.

6 → Help

At any point in time, if you need help with our system or if you’re facing any issues, click on the ‘Help’ button.