Reports → Activity Log

The ‘Activity Log’ report shows a detailed view of all the sales conversations that have happened in the chosen time interval. This report can be filteredsorted, and downloaded.

Each row represents a sales conversation and shows you which rep made the call to which customer, the time and duration of the conversation, and the lead disposition at the end of each call.


If you have uploaded call recordings for analysis, the Salesken platform may take a few minutes to process these recordings. Talk ratios and signals will be updated once the conversation is fully analyzed. 

To view details of a particular conversation, just click on it in the listing. A ‘Task History’ pop-up opens up to show a detailed view.

 This shows the history of conversations or sales activities between the rep and the customer. Clicking on each conversation box loads the corresponding details underneath.

2 These are actions applicable to each conversation.

  • the heart icon marks the conversation as a ‘favorite’
  • the message allows you to comment as well as view other comments about the conversation.
  • the bell icon marks this conversation as the ‘ideal’ conversation

3 This segment shows the product signals that were observed during the course of the conversation. The presence of the product signals will depend on whether the rep or customer uttered specific statements that are marked as ‘Trackers’ for these signals. This helps you evaluate the conversations. 

For example, you can see whether ‘Lead Qualification’ was checked during the conversation, or whether the rep confirmed the ‘Next Steps’ with the customer.

4The Play button lets you listen to the conversation recording. You can listen to the conversation from any point, and increase/decrease volume. To listen to the conversation from the time a particular signal was observed, just click on the signal marker in the segment above.

5 This graph helps you compare this particular call with a successful call and how it fared with respect to signals. 


To see what filters are available for this report, click on the funnel filter icon at the top right corner of the report. Select the values you want to filter the report by and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

You can use any of the following filter values or a combination of these:

  • Filter by Call Type - Select the call type from the drop-down option. The call types are categorized based on whether the calls are attempted, connected, or analyzed. The call types are:
    • Attempted Calls -  Calls dialed out by the Rep and not connected with the customer.
    • Call Connects - Calls answered by the customer where call duration >= 1s. 
    • Meaningful Connects - Calls answered by the customer where call duration >=60s.
    • Quality Calls Analyzed - Calls that are analyzed and meaningful where atleast one product signal is detected.
  • Search by Phone, Snippet or Email - Enter the phone number or email ID of the customer, or search using snippets from actual conversations.
    • Phone Number - Contact number of the customer. You can enter a few numbers.
    • Snippet - A snippet of text from the actual conversation comprising of the what the customer/Rep spoke about. For example, "I want a refund", "I am calling from abc company".
    • Email ID - Email address of the customer contact.
  • Filter by Team/Agent - Name of the Team or Agent. Select one of the following:
    • Team - to choose a team from the drop-down option.
    • Agent - to choose a Rep from the drop-down option.
  • Filter by Date Range - Select the 'from' and 'to' date from the calendar. By default, the date range for the filter is set to represent past 7 days.
  • Filter by Signal - Signals are the markers made from the conversation of Rep and customer. Select a semantic or emotion signal from the options in the drop-down option. To know more about how to set up product signals, click here (link to product signals page).
  • Filter by Pipeline - Select the pipeline name from the drop-down. Pipeline is the defined sales process configured under “Configuration” menu. To know more about how to set up pipeline, click here (link to pipeline page).

Tip - Filters can be reset by clicking on ‘Reset’ link under the filter icon.


To sort lists either in ascending or descending order, just click on the titles of each column.  Based on the sorting, the values of entire grid will be updated.


To download Activity Log report, just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button next to the filter button. The report is downloaded in the Excel (.xlsx) format.