Configuration → Product

To add or edit sales cues to a product, click on ‘Configuration’ in the top menu and navigate to ‘Product’.

1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the Product card and choose the ‘Cues’ option.

Tip - To view the sales cues configured for an existing product, click on the i icon next to ‘FAQs’.

2. Click on the ‘ADD NEW FAQ’ button on the top right.

3. Type in the question that might come up during the sales conversation, the answer that the agent must give, and the keywords associated with the question. 

For example, the lead might refer to the subscription model as ‘licensing’ or ‘subscription plans’. So, 'license' and 'subscription' can be added as keywords by clicking on the '+' icon of the cue.

4. To edit the cue, simply click on the relevant text and make changes.

5. To delete the cue, click on the trashcan delete icon of the cue.