Configuration → Product

To create a product and add signals to it, click on ‘Configuration’ in the top menu and navigate to ‘Product’.

Click on the ‘ADD PRODUCT’ button.

This opens up the product creation wizard.

Step 1 - Add product details

In this step, you must fill in the product name and description. A product picture can be uploaded by clicking on ‘Browse’ under ‘Add Product Picture’. 

Any supporting documents for the product can be added by clicking on the ‘Browse’ in the ‘Drag & Drop’ section of the page. You can also drag and drop a file from your system into this section.  Please note that - 

  • Supported document formats are pdf, ppt, txt, docx, and xlsx. Product images can be uploaded in png and jpg formats.
  • The maximum size of the document may be 100MB.

In this step, only the product name is mandatory.

Step 2 - Add product signals

The next step is to add signals. Salesken provides ten default signals for each product - Greetings, Introduction, Brand, USP,  Need Mapping, Urgency, Lead Qualification,  Solutioning, Objection, and Objection Handling. 

‘Utterances' or ‘Trackers’ are statements made during the conversation that 'signal’ if a particular dimension of the conversation has been covered. Trackers for each signal can be added as follows - 

Tip - If you want to create your own signal, click on ‘Add New +’ under the signal listing.

1. Click on the signal in the side listing.

2. Select if the tracker that you’re entering is something that you wish your reps were saying, something that the customer/lead usually says, or if it applies to both.

3. Type down the tracker in the first text box. Example - To signal an ‘objection’, the customer usually makes the statement 'the price is high'.

4. If the tracker that you’ve typed matches exactly with what the customer typically says, choose ‘Exactly’ in the dropdown. If the statement may vary to convey the same meaning, select ‘Similar’ in the dropdown.

5. If you’ve chosen ‘Similar’, type in the likely percentage of the match on a scale of 0 to 1. For example, if you think the lead usually says something that sounds about 60% similar, type in ‘0.6’ in the Threshold text box.

Note - It is recommended to use 'similar' so that the system can match any phrases that are similar in meaning but are not exact matches.

6. Click on ‘SAVE & EXIT’ button in the bottom right corner.

You’ve now created a product and associated signals to it.

If necessary, you can also edit or delete these products.