For all product-related features, click on ‘Configuration’ in the top menu and then on ‘Product’ in the menu listing.

1 To create a product, click on the ‘CREATE PRODUCT’ button, and follow these steps.

2 To editdelete or add sales cues to a product, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the product card. Note that signals mapped to a product are also edited by clicking on the ‘Edit’ option.

3 Click on the i icon next to - 

    a. ‘documents’ - to view the documents uploaded to each product. To open a document in the listing that comes up, just click on the name.

    b. ‘Signals' - to view signals configured.

    c. ‘FAQs’ - to view sales cues attached to the product.

4 To find out which teams are assigned to the product, click on the ‘Teams block. To view the pipelines the product is associated with, click on the ‘Pipelines block.