Welcome to the Salesken family!

We’re excited to help you and your team maximize your sales potential.

To access our manager portal, go to https://app.salesken.ai/, or with your custom portal URL ‘https://<customdomain>.salesken.ai’.  This is provided to you by your Salesken Customer Success Manager if you have opted for it.

You can log in to your account using your registered email address.

Use the side menu to navigate between our various features. 

Setting Up Or Configuring The System

The first thing you might want to do is to create your sales teams.

Once your team is fully set up, you can create your product

Don’t forget to set up the product signals that you’d like Salesken to analyze during your sales conversations and your tried-and-proven sales cues for this product.

The next step is to set up your pipeline

You can upload your leads in bulk or individually add them, as you see fit.

Now that you have set up your team, product, pipeline, and leads, your reps can start their sales activities using the Salesken apps.

Performing Sales Activities

Once you’ve set up your team, product, pipeline, and leads, your reps can start leveraging Salesken for their conversations. They can access our smart dialer by either using their portal or the mobile application or the browser extension.

Analyzing Sales Activities

To get a bird’s eye view of sales activity across your teams, take a look at your dashboard

For specific reports to analyze the different factors that contribute to a successful sales journey, look at your reports. You will find various reports around activities, call metrics, talk ratios, employee productivity, follow-ups, signal analytics, cue adherence, process adherence, etc. 

To view your pipeline, look at your pipeline reports.


The bell icon on the top menu alerts you with recently made calls and tasks finished by sales representatives in your team. It also updates any profile level changes made.


If you face any problems or simply want help with any of our features, contact our support team and we will get back to you immediately.